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2013 Apple Mac Mini Review Initial Setup 50" TV

They all have their advantages and drawbacks. But a little tweaking goes a long way! These solutions are platform independent. I do have a set connected for administrative purposes, but it remains behind closed doors most of the time. Teamviewer For full remote OS control, anywhere in the world, Teamviewer is still the way to go. It will pass through any firewall, works seamlessly with iOS devices and PCs are even accessible with the use of a web interface.

It crashes every time when I close the lid on my MacBook Pro while connected to another computer for example. The refresh rate, even on the same LAN, is pretty slow.

Mira and Manta Mini

I will be using Plex most of the time so the remote controller integrated in the iOS Plex client is the obvious choice. It automatically detects other clients running on the same LAN and gives you UI navigation and playback controls. Too bad it fails miserably in features and functionality. You have to navigate through layers of menus to do this, while, e.

I just hope it will get an overhaul in future updates. A search in the Appstore comes up with a bunch of apps to control mouse- and keyboard input. The workings are basically the same and they are all dependent on a piece of helper software installed on the PC being controlled, ranging from proprietary packages to freeware VNC solutions.

Just like the Plex client, but much much better. Snatch is an example, but I finally settled with HippoRemote. The helper software is available for both OS X and Windows and it has the ability to add custom macros single or combined keyboard shortcuts. Very clean, big buttons and all the functionality you could want.

The major drawback of iPhone related remote control is in fact the touchscreen. Multitouch mouse control is nice, but for couch potato purposes, nothing beats physical playback- and navigational buttons. The advantage of physical buttons vs. After getting used to the button layout, you can use them without ever looking at the little handheld box. So, like the C, I had to find some kind of RF solution. The higher-end Logitech Harmony universal remotes can do this, but will cost you an arm and a leg. Still pretty expensive and not readily available in Holland.

On sale for 19 euros.

It connects via bluetooth to a PS3, like the normal controllers do. But it can be connected to a PC and Mac Mini with bluetooth as well.

Mac Mini Media Center Remote | MacRumors Forums

It registers events that take place in Windows. Among them are display-updates, program starts, key presses and incoming bluetooth commands. It even comes with a special plugin for the PS3 remote, so it properly recognizes what button is actually pressed. Subtitle , which in turn triggers an emulated keypress of the letter s, used to enable subs in Plex.

You can configure the entire remote exactly the way you want! While a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would certainly get the job done, such input devices are on the bulky side. Fortunately a variety of inexpensive iPhone and iPod touch applications and the accompanying Mac-based server apps required by some of them do. And, if you have other Macs in the house, you can control their iTunes libraries as well. Do the same for the Play Music Videos pop-up menu.

When you do this and then use the Remote app to play a movie, TV show, or music video, that video will automatically play in full screen rather than within the iTunes window.

How to Use the Flirc and Harmony Hub to Control Your HTPC

The Remote app is fine for controlling iTunes, but it does nothing for the rest of the Mac. For general-purpose input and mousing I purchased R. There are other options. It offers two ways to control Boxee. The first is a four-way arrow pad with a central OK button and a Back button.

Wrapping up

Not surprising, given that the iPhone and iPod touch lack IR, the invisible light that most AV components are controlled by. If your TV table is littered with remote controls, you owe it to yourself to get a Logitech Harmony remote. All the pieces are in place. My Mac mini now plays and rips DVDs, plays and records television programs, plays all the media on my network of Macs, streams videos and audio from across the globe, and flashes my pictures across my HDTV. All without me having to move my keister an inch off the couch. In our final installment, I wrap up with a look at the big picture.

Did turning the Mac mini into a media center enhance my multimedia life in significant ways?

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Tune it to find out. Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he's a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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