Is mac foundation really worth it

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Concealer : Every girl who has ever had even a single break-out or the smallest of pigmentation on her face, will know how truly important a concealer is.

It's a must-have for almost every one of us. And if you ask me, MAC concealers are rather good. Although I'll be honest, there aren't as many of these with MAC as foundations, but they do their job well that is cover blemishes or dark circles. Blushes and eye-shadows : Who doesn't love a good blush? MAC blushes are easy to use and available in a variety of colours and textures, from dewy to sheer transparent.

When it comes to eye shadows, you can never own enough. And you can never own enough of MAC either — there's frost, lustre, matte, pearl, velvety, satin, and many more! There are many different finishes of MAC eye-shadow so there is something for all tastes and occasions you never know when you need a little bit of glitter! Lipsticks : I'd have to agree that MAC lipsticks are a bit too pricey for some of us, but if you can afford one, then get one. Because MAC lipsticks are absolutely fabulous!

MAC Makeup Products:

They are really pigmented, and glide smoothly on your lips and they smell good too! In my opinion, you must get at least one. So there you have it. Everything that MAC makeup has is really good in all the aspects. As for the price, I'd like to clear the confusion that MAC is actually not as pricey as other brands. Don't believe me? Now that you're clear on why MAC cosmetics are absolutely worth the price, when are you planning to buy one?

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NEW MAC FOUNDATION!! Demo, First Impression & Review - Studio Waterweight Foundation

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Best Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadows. Best Mac Cosmetics Lipstick. Best Mac Cosmetics Products Best Mac Cosmetics Worth Owning. Best Of Mac Cosmetics Concealers for dark skin. Concealers for Indian skin tone. Cosmetics for dark skin. Oh and let's lay down some ground rules before we start.

Hi! We're Glossier.

All foundations were applied with the same foundation brush except one and I didn't apply any additional powder or concealer. But I did fill in my brows and apply mascara, to make the whole thing slightly less horrifying. I was first introduced to it when studying makeup in college, and trust me when I say this is a staple in every makeup artist kit.

This is the lightest coverage of all MAC foundations, but it's buildable. I like it because it feels like you're not wearing anything, and just evens everything out, whilst leaving your skin, looking like skin. From my most favourite, to my least favourite.

For some reason, my skin just doesn't get on with Studio Sculpt. This is a gel based formula, which is incredibly hydrating for drier skin types, but on my combination skin, I find it sits on the surface and doesn't sink in. This is a medium to high coverage foundation, with a dewy finish.

Most heavy coverage foundations tend to be quite drying, so if you suffer with dry skin and want more coverage, this is a good option. So clearly this isn't a great shade match for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation.

11 Best MAC Foundations For Different Skin Types

It's a cushion formula, so I used the sponge that comes with it to apply, rather than a brush. If you like a light coverage and do your makeup on the go, this is one for you. This was my first time trying Mineralize Moisture and I loved it. This is a medium coverage foundation that gives a dewy finish. I found this sunk into my skin a lot better than Studio Sculpt. This is a very thin, serum-like foundation, which is pretty undetectable on the skin. I would say this gives a light-medium coverage and would be a good one if you hate the feeling of makeup on your face.

I like the fact it took away my redness, without looking like a mask. If you don't like heavy makeup, you will hate Studio Fix. It smells a bit like paint, it's full coverage and there's nothing natural about it.

38 MAC Cosmetics Consumer Reviews

But if you want flawless skin, you can't go wrong. This used to be my "party" foundation, because it makes your look skin look plastic fantastic in IRL, and in pictures, plus it lasts all day. High coverage, matte finish and budge proof. If those three things sound appealing to you, Pro Longwear has got your back.

is mac foundation really worth it Is mac foundation really worth it
is mac foundation really worth it Is mac foundation really worth it
is mac foundation really worth it Is mac foundation really worth it
is mac foundation really worth it Is mac foundation really worth it
is mac foundation really worth it Is mac foundation really worth it
is mac foundation really worth it Is mac foundation really worth it

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