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Mac OS X: Open AppCleaner and move application to AppCleaner that you want delete application completely. Make sure and checkmark apps that you want to delete. Then click on delete to trace apps and own files. AppCleaner also used as app remover like control panel in windows. From this app you can only remove app but also temp file generated by already running apps.

How to Completely Delete Applications from Mac OS X with AppCleaner

Step 2 : Choose apps that you want delete and move in to trash. You can choose multiple apps at once. Step 3 : Click on Search , again confirm apps that you want finally. Click on Delete to move in to trash. Thanks to AppCleaner developer, who developed amazing tiny program works very well for delete or uninstall Apps temp file in Mac running on Yosemite OS X Jaysukh Patel is the founder of howtoisolve. Your email address will not be published. And so on. And to be more precise, personally I encounter considerably more problems with all what I cannot erase, remove or disable in this OS than with what I could accidentally destroy in it.

Send only the app to the trash to uninstall it doesn't uninstall it really. I do agree with that.

I wouldn't necessarily call that a "good" way, but rather a "less bad" way. I would rather see people use an "app zapper" that go digging around in hidden directories by hand, for example. The problem with app zappers is that they make it apparently easy and people might use them even when they shouldn't. But it's not about you.

Remember the context.

How To Delete & Uninstall Mac Apps Properly - AppCleaner Mac

We are here to help other people with their computer problems. Often they don't have backups. They don't know what any of those files do. Many people can't differentiate a simple "app zapper" that I might complain about from a Big Name Scamware app. Unfortunately, Apple considers that a solved problem. Mac App Store apps can be dragged to the trash. That doesn't delete the container folders, but they don't take much space. And if they do, Apple has features to "manage" storage. This is as good as it is going to get. The Mac is never going to have the installation architecture that Windows had in Personally I always hated receive hits of shovel in place of the main responsibles.

This kind of totally interdependent install can certainly work for the ones who use their machine just to browse the web and chat a tad with their contacts, but certainly not for professional users. Today, this OS doesn't even let me enough room on my disk to do even casual things. At this time I'm not working on my professional photos, I'm at a remote camp site and just make some photos in the forest, however the GB disk of this MacBook Pro is already full up to the brim after two weeks, therefore I suspect that everybody has the same problem and should one day or another be forced to consider using systematically an external disk for his work.

But it's not delivered with your Mac. Today, it's always to you, yourself, to DIY some shaky method to get this system working at minimum of your requirements.

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Exactly like most of answers in this forum, besides Install this same large disk inside your Mac, and two weeks later it will be equally full of OS-related things you never, ever, wanted to see there. Even if you upgrade to a much more powerful configuration, you'll never, ever get enough of RAM or disk space, the system will always give you, sparcily, the strict minimum of crumbs remaining after its own background tasks.

Everything is like this, today. This OS never lets us a vital minimum for working quietly. Nor enough RAM. Neither enough disk space. Whatever the size of both. In my very humble opinion, if some third-party app of 6. Aug 1, PM in response to anonyme In response to anonyme I find it unacceptable that a simple thing like completely uninstalling an application doesn't exist either using the drag and drop or amazingly applications with uninstall app. Correct me if I am wrong. Is there an application that uninstalls itself completely?

I am not talking about applications designed to perform that task but an App that you install and in that app an uninstaller uninstalls itself completely from all parts of the Mac OS? Aug 1, PM. Aug 1, PM in response to macfrombrampton In response to macfrombrampton. There are many such apps.

The Best App Uninstaller for Mac

MalwareBytes is one good example. There are many apps that are self-contained and can be uninstalled just by dragging them to the trash. However, it is very unusual for an app to simply go looking for all files that have the app's bundle ID in their name. That would be a disaster. The operating system stores lots of data about apps and often uses an app's bundle ID in the file name. It is the operating system that creates most of these files. While most people happily delete these files and notice no ill effects, that would be considered a major technical and ethical problem for a developer.

You don't go messing around with files you don't own.

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There are similar arguments for those "container" folders. That is a user's data. There is no way for an app to tell if a user is uninstalling an app to install a new version, to debug some problem, or just might change their mind later. Automatically deleting a user's data makes users very, very angry. The sad fact is that when most people get up in arms over apps leaving "junk" files, they are talking about files that said app did not create and has no business deleting. I see this very frequently. Yet users never seem to notice apps that don't have uninstaller when they should.

That gets us where we are today.

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There are a ton of scam apps and "app zappers" and an ever growing number of apps that don't bother. Aug 3, AM in response to etresoft In response to etresoft. Malwarebytes version 3. Aug 3, AM. Aug 3, AM in response to macfrombrampton In response to macfrombrampton. Question: Q: uninstalling applications completely More Less.

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User profile for user: macfrombrampton macfrombrampton. Question: Q: Question: Q: uninstalling applications completely I have noticed that Mac OS and this includes the current high sierra as well as older Mac OS do not completely uninstall applications when moved to the trash.

More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: anonyme anonyme Aug 1, AM in response to macfrombrampton In response to macfrombrampton If only it could! Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: etresoft etresoft. User profile for user: Almojgar Almojgar. Aug 1, AM in response to etresoft In response to etresoft App installed from the Mac App Store can create folders in your home directory though, and those folder don't go away when you drag the app to the trash.

Why not? That is an excellent example.

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