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Version 2.x

Minimum requirements for 2. Version 1. Fixed handling of PDFs that have been rotated. Also fixed issue with special characters causing problems in searchable PDF conversion.

fixed : Reduce File Size makes PDF unreadable |

Some text was being removed. This is now fixed so existing text is left alone. Also set language packs to be double clickable to install on Mac. Mac already supported this. Not recommended - or at least back it up before trying this. Added option to use a different suffix for converted PDF. Only support for latin characters in this version. Next version will include support for other character sets like Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. This bug is actually an Apple Bug that is fixed by doing a software update to the latest Java and OS X, but this fix allows it to deal with the bug more gracefully.

Minor changes. This change also improves accuracy on most files. Fixed problem with Chinese Traditional crashing. Improved progress indicator to be more informative when work being done. Added "Save" option when closing unsaved window by clicking the "X" button.

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Updated to latest image and ocr libraries for improved accuracy. Numerous minor bug fixes. Prepared core for internationalization future versions will become available in other languages. Also includes some bug fixes for laying out multi-column documents. Thanks to Will, we present:. I even have actions bound to keyboard shortcuts that nuke all unused AI cruft — which is still too manual for my tastes.

Yesterday just went through that tedious process again: opening 7 PDFs on Preview and saving them again. Thanks Will. Thanks Panic! Drag those files over to Shrinkit. Maybe the shrinking works for small PDF files. Neven: Got it! In the future ie. My broadband supplier will thank you, as do I :. Great job, guys. One suggestion — allow us to drag a. What about saving UI images from Photoshop? Can they be even smaller than normal?

OS X Mountain Lion

The thoughtfulness at Panic continues to astound me. Thank you so much. Note that it enlargifies some PDF files in my tests 71kb to kb for one of them — I can provide the before and after files if you want to see. This app looks amazing and it looks like it will save A LOT of storage. It runs the files through a bunch of open source programs that do lossless compression.

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I use Preview. Although it makes PDFs smaller in size, it is a lossy process. After processing it, the file got bigger at Makes em bigger just like Tzar said. Cool tool. I expect to put it to some use, but as some others have said, sometimes it makes files bigger than they were to start with, so a check to see if it can actually make things smaller would be finishing touch I think.

It really works. I just processed a folder with 68 pdf 1. I think you guys at Panic are great. Thanks for developing this app! I create a lot of PDFs in Illustrator and this will really help. Please do make it clear, somewhere near the top of the page, that this is Intel, Snow Leopard only.

I thought I was the only one! I even have Acrobat authoring program, and Preview works way better and more intuitive. I sure hope Panic develops this for Leopard…. I have to agree with Manu. Please consider making a Leopard version to help share great programs like this with a much wider audience. I notice that plain text no graphics PDF files grow considerably as I annotate them with simple highlighting in Preview, easily doubling or tripling in size. Will this have any effect on that phenomenon? ShrinkIt 1. Great job! Change the name — there is already a program called ShrinkIt for the Mac and Apple II that is a general compression program.

Version 2.x

This is pretty awesome, any chance we will see a version for your Red-Headed Stepchildren running Windows? An idea for an upgrade would be to recursively process folders. A read me file might help answer some Questions.

Reduce PDF size OSX: Part 1

Keep in mind: we made ShrinkIt to reduce the file size of icons used in our applications, and other images where we just need the vector data. That said, we hope it works for you. Keep those backups handy! Andrew: We wrote this tool to help us with vector art created in Adobe Illustrator.

I can I thank you enough. I have done this thankless task thousands of times in Preview. May I suggest one added feature?

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It is perfect for. Everything else should be saved as compressed. Would it be possible for it to detect the simpler files, compress those, otherwise move them into a separate folder and workflow to be handled by Illustrator? Could we please have a version that converts. The Quartz filters really crush those down! Before I just try it—and risk screwing up my sorting system—would this work? In my experience, Preview almost ever time increased the size of vector PDFs created with ghostview.

Bitmap PDFs increase in size as well. Any chance of adding the ability to shrink password-protected PDFs?

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  • fixed : Reduce File Size makes PDF unreadable;

Currently, it just quietly makes a zero-byte file. Hey Guys, i just read the review on macworld, btw thx men creating such an awesome program, it is raising my time efficiency when deals with PDF with this software. Cool stuff. It seems to depend on the font. Absolutely bloody fantastic! Thank you for freeing it to the world! Hey, something to add to this that might be extra cool to incorporate that would take the size down further…. They end up the same size as the original. Bob: It all depends on the PDF files. As explained above, ShrinkIt was designed to remove the redundancies found in vector-art files saved from Adobe Illustrator.

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