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Part 2. Other Helpful Ways to Increase Resolution of Images without Photoshop

Another aspect of this issue is the rise of the smartphone, the tablet, and the corresponding focus on the device pixel.

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These devices contain two to three pixels in the same space occupied by one pixel on your computer screen. Moving an image from your computer to a device requires you to create multiple versions of the same image eg 1X,2X and 3X to ensure they display correctly on the device. Does one increase the size of the image or increase the number of pixels? Photo editing software generally offers a few different interpolation methods for calculating new pixels when an image us upsampled. Here are descriptions of the three methods available in Photoshop.

Part 2. Top 10 Photo Enlarger for Mac Users

If you don't use Photoshop, your software probably offers similar options although they may use slightly different terminology. Note that there are more than just these three methods of interpolation and even using the same method in different software may produce different results. Photoshop offers the best bicubic interpolation of any other software that we have compared.

A few other image enhancement programs offer other resampling algorithms that claim to do a better job even than Photoshop's bicubic method.

Most Helpful Photo Enlarger Software & Apps in

If your software offers one of these resampling algorithms or another one not mentioned here, you should certainly experiment with them to see which one gives you the best results. You may even find that different interpolation methods produce better results depending on the image used.

How To Enlarge a Low Resolution Image For Print Using Photoshop

Some folks have discovered that you can get better results when upsampling by increasing the image size in several small increments rather than one extreme step. This technique is referred to as stair interpolation. One advantage to using stair interpolation is that it will work on bit mode images and it requires no additional software other than a standard photo editor, such as Photoshop.

The concept of stair interpolation is simple: Then you would repeat the command as many times as it takes to get to the size you need. Obviously, this can be tedious if your software does not have some automation capability. If you use Photoshop 5. You'll also find more information and image comparisons. Since this article was originally written, new resampling algorithms and software technologies have been developed which make stair interpolation essentially obsolete.

LizardTech's Genuine Fractals software formerly from Altamira Group attempts to break through image resolution limitations with its award-winning resolution-on-demand technology. Resizing pictures with Magnifier yields a much higher quality than simple bicubic interpolation. Depending on particular needs, the software can be adjusted to produce images that look exactly as required for a given purpose.

Rotate or flip an image

The program allows enlarging an image to a super-high resolution of up to , x , pixels, making a 90 gigapixel poster! Featuring advanced resizing algorithms, Magnifier enlarges digital pictures to super-high resolution for producing stunning wall-sized prints. The algorithm keeps edges smooth, sharp and clearly defined, while improving image appearance by removing unwanted noise and compression artifacts.

It is easily configurable and allows fine-tuning the resulting image. You can apply the program to enlarge images taken from Internet or photos taken with a low-resolution camera , or a post-crop result. The image processing parameters are grouped in two sections: Before starting, make sure that all your pictures are stored in the same folder. Next select all of them and open them in the Preview app.

In the newly-opened window, go to Edit in the menu bar and Select All.

Now, with all the images selected, go to Tools in the same menu bar and then Adjust Size. Besides resizing, the Preview app lets you perform other optimization-related operations, such as converting to another image format, rotating or flipping groups of images. All you have to do is follow a simple, three-step wizard: The app allows you to change the size of your photos by entering the desired dimensions for width and height expressed in either pixels or percentages and offers a preview tab so you can see how your shrunken image will look.

This feature makes your job so much easier, because it monitors certain folders for newly-added images and automatically applies a set of edits which you previously defined. If you need to further optimize your photos, BatchPhoto offers plenty of options.

Increasing Image Resolution

You can convert, auto crop and rotate, watermark, date stamp or rename multiple pictures at once. The app also provides options to retouch your images by adjusting the brightness, contrast or saturation or by sharpening them. Additionally you can apply special effects to your pictures, like sepia and black and white and add borders and frames.

The process is quite simple and structured in three steps: The Resize filter gives you the possibility to choose from a wide range of presets, including Full HD quality, or to manually enter the desired values for width and height.

In addition to resizing and converting, you can also crop, rotate or retouch your photos in bulk.

increase image resolution software mac Increase image resolution software mac
increase image resolution software mac Increase image resolution software mac
increase image resolution software mac Increase image resolution software mac
increase image resolution software mac Increase image resolution software mac
increase image resolution software mac Increase image resolution software mac
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