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Pro : You can make game animation for fun. It also supports GPU accelerated real-time rendering. Daz 3d is a powerful and completely free 3D creation tool that will let you create the short videos that you want. Whether you are using this for business or pleasure, you will find the program is very easy to understand.

Within a day, you will be completely used to its interface. You can build model, render and pose animation within skin texture level. It has a high requirement for device. Pro : The recently updated version is the best one. Ray-traced preview is a great function to help us making animation. Con : The interface looks complicated, but it gets easy to know after you are familiar with it.

3D Animation

A completely free program that you can download and install on all Windows computers and tablets, Terragen is the ideal program for you to create the 3D animations and environments that you want. If you want a photo-realistic CG environment, using Terragen is the best way to do it! Releasing imagination instantly, Terragen Creative is the one tool you'd like to consider.

Stykz for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET

You can use it to make beautiful scenery. For advanced tools, you can choose FBX to make animation quickly. The featured image gallery on its homepage will give you a deep understanding about the final outcome you can achieve with Terragen. Anim8or is a free 3D modeling program that will let you create the unique work that you want. It is a personal project from an animator, but the program does get regular updates and troubleshooting. It is not going to give you the same features as something like Studio Max or Maya, but you will get the basics.

Beginners who are getting into animations will love this program. Anim8or is a great tool to step into 3D animation ff you think other software is too different to start. In some way, it means you need to give up some advanced features. But all in all, it's still recommended for you. Pro : It is an open-source 3D modeling package. Seamless3d, an open-source 3D modeling software that you can download, is among the best animation worktable if you want to create specialized images, animated videos or 3D characters. Besides, the forum is not active compared with before, but you still can find answers from many tutorials.

This animation program is made for beginners on Windows. It is among the best 2D animation software in the market. You can use plug-in effects to change image style, add lights and distort details. Stykz is completely free to use and without watermark. If you have used Pivot StickFigure Animator, then you will find Stykz is similar to it, but you can import the previous.

You can use it to make animation smooth frame by frame. With its frame based feature, Stykz is easy to cutomize each frame.


You can change previous and current frames to get what you want. You can download it to have a try considering its easy to use features. With any of these free animation maker programs on Mac and Windows, you will have an easy time creating your next 2D or 3D video. Ensure you choose the program that has the features and compatibility that you desire. Then it is up to your creative mind to come up with stunning animations! If you want to make animation easily, download FilmoraPro to have a try.

10 Best Free Animation Software for Windows and Mac

Wondershare FilmoraPro. Free Download Free Download. Liza Brown. Other Recommend Products.

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You just have to do a search on YouTube to see how virally popular they are. We can use it in a PowerPoint presentation, use it for education, or just do it for animated fun. We start out with an idea. Then we look at the free software available that can help us give it life.

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  • Pivot Stickfigure Animator is the oft-quoted stick figure animation software when it comes to freewares. The Windows freeware is used to make animated stick figures which can be saved in the GIF format. Stick figure animations can be used in webpages or converted to videos.

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    The interface is very simple. It opens with a default stick-man figure.

    ALAN BECKER - Stick Figure Animation (revamped)

    You can create one from scratch using the Stick Figure Builder. Stick figures are easily created by adding line segments for the body parts and a circle for the head. Line and circles can be toggled. Using the handles, the segments can be moved to the positions desired. In the Stick Figure Builder, you can change the thickness and length of the segments.

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    Color and scale are the other things which can be changed with just a click. You can add up to stick figures in each frame. As in all animation tools, the job is to create Frames where each frame differs from the previous in a way that resembles movement. Pivot supports onion skinning, so drawing the next frame on the basis of the previous one is easier. You can modify each Pivot Animator frame in any way you want, by changing the stick-man, adding color, or changing the size.

    Backgrounds can be inserted into the frames but each frame cannot have its individual background. Stykz is very similar to Pivot Stickfigure Animator apart from a few differences. The interface is as simple but the stick-men can be drawn in place as Stykz has done away with a separate editor and everything is done on the stage.

    Stykz and Pivot are nearly kissing cousins. You can import Pivot files into Stykz. The one thing it lacks is the feature to add a graphic background. It comes with a slew of tools, a timeline, and more options that make creating stick figure animations a more controlled process than the previous two freewares. The interface may look more complicated at first glance, but it is usable by someone who does not have any animation experience.

    The software comes with a detailed help file. It also has a community of users.

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    Stick figure animations for mac

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