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As a digital assistant, the app can search the web, play songs, open or search files, and do mathematical calculations. In addition to voice transcription, Braina can read text aloud so you can listen to ebooks, emails and web content. A lite version with basic features, including voice recognition is free.

Speech to Text converter

It's as easy to use as firing up a Google Document and enabling the feature from the Tools menu. Then, just click the little microphone icon that will record and transcribe what you say in real time. While voice typing, you can use commands to edit your document such as add punctuation and formatting, change text color and fonts, align and create lists, and even add and edit tables.

The Free Option – Built-in OS X Dictation

With Speechnotes , all you have to do is launch your Chrome browser, enter the Speechnotes URL, and you're in business. The web app , with its clean interface, resembles a plain notepad. Just click the microphone icon and start talking. When you're done with your recorded sequence, click the icon again.

You can then save your transcribed notes or hear them played back. The app has some built-in smart features such as Auto Save to save the document in real time, Export to Google Drive in the cloud , download as a document to your computer, or email or print your note.

Best speech to text app

Google servers use algorithms to translate your speech, and send the results back to Speechnotes, which stores all data on your computer, through your browser. Speechnotes does not control your computer by voice or operate with other software packages. Go Transcribe is a cloud-based service powered by artificial intelligence.

Just upload an audio file to the platform from any device and the service automatically transcribes it into a document. From there, you can save, export, play, rewind and forward it. You can use the online editor to make any corrections or notations and locate specific parts of the audio by clicking on words on the transcription.

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You can test out the app by uploading a file of 10 minutes before deciding whether to sign on for the service, which supports over a dozen languages. A minute file took four minutes to transcribe.

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  • Why Use Dictation Software??

Voice Notebook is a Google Chrome web app that transcribes spoken words and audio files into text. If you want to dictate or transcribe audio or video for more than 15 minutes, you must register or log in. A user account lets you use voice commands which you must set up to control the Voice Notebook recording process.

Whenever you say a voice command phrase during recording, it is processed immediately.

Even when you're on the go, you still have to get your work done. Dragon Anywhere , the mobile version of the desktop Dragon NaturallySpeaking gives you similar functionality through your smartphone. Its dictation features let you create, format, and share documents of any length from your device.

You can create and add specialized words related to your profession, use form-based templates to fill out forms, and import and export to and from secure cloud-based document-sharing apps like Dropbox or Evernote, or sync with the desktop versions of your document.

10 Best Mac & PC Dictation Software (Voice to Text Apps - )

A seven-day free trial automatically converts to a month-to-month subscription. If your aim is to quit spending so much time keyboarding, you can accomplish that goal with Speech Recogniser , an iPhone speech-to-text app. It features a minimalist interface with easily accessible dictation, translation and sharing tools. You can use the app to tweet, post to Facebook, copy text into other apps as well as translate your speech into 40 languages and hear that translation read back to you. This easy, free app turns your speech into text as you speak, and lets you edit your mistakes out, and instantly share text with social networks, email or paste from the clipboard into any app that accepts text input.

The app uses the language from the default location setting of your device, though you can change it if you want.

ListNote is a free, versatile speech-to-text app that uses Google Voice Search to record your voice directly as text — it does not save an audio recording and all output is stored on your device. You can edit the text and insert it into other documents or share notes via SMS, email and other text-friendly apps. Notes are indexed for fast searching. You can color code, star and organize notes by category. Other cool features include a Time to Breathe option that lets you specify a waiting period before ending speech input.

Start recording with a single tap via built-in or external mic or AirPods. A transcription engine transcribes your words into searchable text, and lets you edit, format and punctuate transcriptions, which are stored within the audio file. When you're done, save the file to your library and store it locally or on iCloud.

A companion Mac app lets you record and view your iOS transcript, but it does not generate a transcript. For those on the go, Voice Assistant is an easy speech recognition app that lets you talk and then immediately view the resulting text in up to 30 languages. This intelligent app gets more accurate over time and offers auto grammar correction. What we like about Dictation on macOS is that when you activate Enhanced Dictation , you can dictate offline without being connected to the internet.

Be aware though that this requires MB of disk space to download some additional tools before it can work on your Mac. You then simply configure a language and hotkey to start dictation or you can even activate it with a keyword. You can use this to start dictation in any application. Dictation works with any app including Office applications although not Google Docs which has its own voice recognition feature — see below. What we like is that the voice controlled formatting commands are quite extensive and you can even create your own customized commands.

Not many people are aware that Google Docs has a surprisingly powerful voice recognition engine which not only transcribes speech to text but also allows you to change the formatting of documents with voice commands. Google Docs Voice Typing is pretty accurate for a free online text-to-speech tool. Arguably the most impressive thing though is the an extensive list of commands for formatting text. Note however that formatting commands are only available in English but the voice engine recognizes 43 languages.

Speechnotes is a cheap and cheerful online speech-to-text service which works in Google Chrome and on Android devices. One other option which may be of interest to Mac users is Rev. Rev is an iPhone dictation app which uses real humans to transcribe recordings. Rev is only available as an iPhone or Android app though. Another option is Braina.

Recommended Bundle & Save for Video Fans

Braina is both a Siri style personal assistant and dictation app although it only works on Windows, iOS and Android. However, if you install Windows on your Mac, you could run the Windows version on it. However, you can ask Siri to turn on Apple Dictation for you. Siri is designed as a personal assistant to launch apps, answer questions and generally speed-up your workflow on a Mac rather than dictation.

The best option for you obviously depends on whether you want to wear something on your head, walk around, or just speak into a mic next to your Mac. If you like to walk around, buy a Wireless Headset but just be careful with the range as it can vary wildly depending on the model. If you prefer not to wear something, Microphones deliver just as good results although you may find yourself craning over the desktop ones more than sitting up straight like you can with a headset.

It can feel strange at first talking to a computer and hearing the sound of your own voice constantly. These are the best voice recognition tools available for Mac users. As you can see, the options are very limited by without doubt, Dragon Dictate Professional still leads by a mile.

If you have any thoughts, experiences or suggestions regarding them, leave them in the comments below. If you want other ideas to speed up your workflow, you may also find our look at the best OCR scanning and PDF conversion software for Mac useful too as they save valuable time retyping text locked in PDFs, images , newspapers and other documents. I advise staying away from Dragon Dictate in any form. True, it works well but this is NOT a Mac oriented company. Support when I used the app was terrible, frequently rude and combative. As you say though, for general needs, macOS Dictate is a very good alternative nowadays.

Nuance just discontinued the only available comprehensive voice dictation software for Mac, leaving disabled Mac users in the lurch. For over a decade, disabled computer users have relied the only 2 comprehensive voice dictation software programs available-: Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, and Dragon professional for Mac. Nuance abruptly terminated and ended support for Dragon professional for Mac on October 18, , leaving disabled Mac users in the lurch.

Mac users who upgrade their operating systems risk losing being able to continue to use their voice dictation software, due to software incompatibilities. Nuance warned Dragon for Mac users not to upgrade to more operating systems to Mojave, saying that it was not tested or supported. However, this will not be an option when buying a new Mac, as it will not give the option of an older operating system.

voice to text converter mac Voice to text converter mac
voice to text converter mac Voice to text converter mac
voice to text converter mac Voice to text converter mac
voice to text converter mac Voice to text converter mac
voice to text converter mac Voice to text converter mac

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