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It built on a modular concept as it allows the users to create their own modules or use existing system modules it provides.

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Pluse can be used as standalone desktop software and it can be integrated into other application and hardware as it provides developers with battle-tested integration kits as anesthesia machines, and inhalers. Pulse has been released under Apache2. OpenSim is a free tool for modeling and simulation of human movement, built by a team of Stanford University, it provides a powerful musculoskeletal dynamic movement simulation which helps simulation and planning treatment of many musculoskeletal related disease, procedures as spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, and osteoarthritis.

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CESE is an open source cross-platform Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment, A modular environment with dozens of simulation-ready models, It was built with Java so it works well on the popular desktop operating system, though the project has not updated for years last updated 4 years ago , it is still getting download hits and users.

Chaste's team has released different variations of the original package: Cardiac Chaste for cardiac electrophysiology simulation, and Cell-based Chaste: a multiscale computational framework for modeling cell populations. CellML is an open standard XML based language, It was designed to describe mathematical models of cellular biological function.

The main purpose of CellML is to create a tool-agonistic model for easy sharing, which helps accelerate the development and production. CVSim is an open source simulator for the cardiovascular system, It was developed by a team from MIT and Harvard Medical school and used in training since Its one of the oldest simulation kit developed yet. The development started in the year till CVSim was originally written in C and the user-interface was developed using Java.

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It's a lightweight program and working very well on the new machines even though it has not been in active development since XNBC is an open source easy-to-use neurobiology simulation software, It was built to be extensible, as backed with powerful yet simple user-interface that includes advanced simulation features as Neuron editors, Network editor, Drug editor, and analysis tools which backed by visualization tools.

The developer s released it under LGPLv2. Gimias is an open source framework for building medical imaging simulation and analysis applications. Android 4. GenieMD began as primarily a PHR database alongside information about medical conditions and symptoms.

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In , they integrated a Telemedicine service iVisit to transition the app from a passive health information service to an interactive service. For example, it includes functionality to alert you to dangerous drug combinations and integrates with a fitness tracker to incorporate automatic vitals tracking.

Data can be loaded to the app manually, uploaded, and added via integrated fitness and health tracking wearable devices.

8 Apps to Help You Make it Through Medical School

Users can generate summary reports and opt to print or email these in order to provide them to third parties such as caregivers or physicians. That is, the ability of data to move with the patient from one hospital and database to another.

However, you may want to backup your information to your computer due to the limited support being provided. Personal health records apps like the ones we profiled above can help you take control of your healthcare, empowering you as a patient and consumer.

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Another way to take control of your healthcare and protect your finances is to ensure you have the right amount of benefits for things like oral health, supplemental coverage to help with a high-deductible major medical plan, and telemedicine that provides access to remote healthcare. Dental coverage can help reduce what you pay out of pocket for preventive services like cleanings as well as basic and major care such as fillings, crowns and root canals.

These consultations may be used to address minor health conditions such as cold, flu or sinus infections. Telemedicine is not insurance. Please use either the Chrome or Firefox web browser for an optimal experience viewing this website. Open enrollment is Nov.

Find out if you could qualify for an ACA subsidy. Medical software developer Mobile MIM has created an FDA-approved radiology imaging application that empowers doctors to store diagnostic-quality X-rays in the cloud. Now doctors can zoom to highlight certain areas of a scan. Since the images are in the cloud, patients can access their own X-rays from the comfort of home.

Looks like lightboxes and costly radiological developing processes will quickly become fodder for medical museums. As medical schools like Stanford give iPads to incoming students, the industry will soon experience a boom in apps for the device. Many students see the value in using them as study aids as well.

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A recommendation from our friends in med school, Epocrates is available for all iOS devices. The iPad can ease communication for patients with disabilities. The Proloquo2Go app is a great tool for anyone unable to use her voice. In the past, we've written about other apps aimed at therapy, special education and behavior monitoring, and we imagine we'll continue to see innovation in this category of medical apps. Image courtesy of iStockphoto , eliandric.

top medical apps for mac Top medical apps for mac
top medical apps for mac Top medical apps for mac
top medical apps for mac Top medical apps for mac
top medical apps for mac Top medical apps for mac
top medical apps for mac Top medical apps for mac
top medical apps for mac Top medical apps for mac

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