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Assuming you still have Office installed on an existing computer, you can use one of the tools I noted in the final paragraph to extract the product key. If all you have is a disk but no installed version of Office anywhere then your only recourse is to purchase a new software license.

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Knowing that the URL does not end in " microsoft. Great way to grab working product keys looks like, and then sell em off. I'm sure that Microsoft considers the odds of someone guessing at product keys to gain entry to the download area to be remote at best.

Do you know of any other way to find out one's product key? My box is back home in the States and I won't be able to access it for some time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I"m afraid that I don't have any information on product keys for Mac. I have 2 computers. One is a Lenovo which has the Microsoft Office on it.

I checked like you said to get my product key because someone bought me the computer, but was not able to see it. Unless it comes in the Windows 8 packaging because I saw the product key for my Windows 8. Now my other computer is an hp and it's saying I need to purchase Microsoft Office. Isn't there a way to share my Office from the Lenovo to the hp? If you have Excel , you must either purchase an additional license or subscribe to www. The licensing for Excel does permit installing the software on two computers. I can't recall what Excel and earlier permit. Is there a download for Microsoft Office for Mac?

I have my product keys, but the disc keeps ejecting and I can't afford to fix nor purchase a newer version. Any help would be appreciated! I'm sorry that I just noticed your comment today.

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During my research I didn't find any sites to download the version. There probably isn't any legitimate source for that version, so I would say your best option would be to purchase the version, or perhaps subscribe to Office for a period of time. My expectation is that a version of Excel for Mac is likely on the horizon, but that's purely supposition on my part.

Thank you so much. All I had were discs for an upgrade and that wasn't allowing me to install. You completely removed what could have been very frustrating! Thank you, this is extremely helpful, I must say! Spent hours on Microsoft website, found some high tech response with no luck onto getting the installer as my laptop does not have a dvd driver. Bless you and keep up the sharing! Thanks, Shaney! I know full well how frustrating it can be to try to unearth solutions on the Microsoft web site.

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I'm glad I could be of assistance! It is really a great help for me to have searched this site that I was informed of the things I need to learn. Thank you for providing us this information Does this only work with Excel??? Home Premium sounds like a Windows version. The technique I describe works for Microsoft Office, which includes Excel. I may be misunderstanding your post, but it sounds like the product key you found is for Windows, and not Office. I cannot find the key, but why do I need one, since I am just trying to use a feature on a product that I have already purchased and activated?

Any suggestion? Microsoft's packaging of their products is often bewildering at best. You can purchase a license for just Access alone, so you don't have to purchase the whole suite again. My microsoft hangs even before i was able to enter my product key, so what am i supposed to do now? Uninstall the present version from your computer and since you have a product key, use the instructions in the article to download the installation files again.

I'll soon give this a try. I moved and can't find my product key, and Windows has not run for at least three months now. If your Windows won't run at all -- don't get me started on that mess! I had no trouble getting my files off the Windows partition. Is there any program that will work for a MacBook Pro that can retrieve keys? Most of the programs are for PCs and don't work on a Mac.

DMG file download link and the product key. I have no affiliation or experience with this site, I simply offer this up as an alternative to paying retail for Office , since Office isn't being sold by mainstream retailers any more. I need to now how to reinstall Microsoft University without a disc, I have the product key but I no disc.

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Thank you. After having installed it on a old laptop which is no longer functional, I still have both the CD and the associated product key for Microsoft Office Word Should I expect any problems installing it again on a new laptop?

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I have the product key but when I download, it appears that the product key is not recognized as a valid microsoft key. Besides I have purchased Microsoft office. I refreshed my laptop and anytime I click on any word file it ask for a product key. When I enter the product key it show that the key is invalid. I have my product key, but when I try and download it won't let me finish the process without signing into a Microsoft Account. I don't have one and don't want one, can I do this without creating an account? JellyBean and the link to re download Office worked perfectly for me so I could stop turning my house upside down for my disc.

Thank you for the great article! I really appreciate the details in this article. After 2 days of searching for a valid download location for Office I found yours and it worked perfect! Thank you! I'm afraid of getting a virus, after my computer rebooted I lost Microsoft Office and that is the last thing I need.

I don't have a product key number?

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These websites you provided - are they safe? David Ringstrom, CPA. Share this content. Oct 31st 56 comments. Related Guide. Leave a comment. You might also be interested in. Replies 56 Please login or register to join the discussion. By Me Jun 26th By Monay Jun 26th By wiegmale Jun 26th Replying to haile By David Ringstrom Jun 26th By Lynn Dye Jun 26th By Aishwarya Jun 26th Replying to ochan:.

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By Fernando Santiago Jun 26th Replying to Accountant Lead Generation:. Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm glad that you found my article helpful. By Manuel Jun 26th Replying to Simmi:. By Rob Sessions Jun 26th I have my disc, but not the product key. What can I do?

microsoft office access 2010 for mac Microsoft office access 2010 for mac
microsoft office access 2010 for mac Microsoft office access 2010 for mac
microsoft office access 2010 for mac Microsoft office access 2010 for mac
microsoft office access 2010 for mac Microsoft office access 2010 for mac
microsoft office access 2010 for mac Microsoft office access 2010 for mac

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