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2. Obtain a copy of the Mac version of your program

It's a great step that Autocad has started to develop software for MAC, but the transference isn't complete. I am a Civil Engineer, and there's a very important work for engineering. Also software for transportation design: For channels and pipes design. All of them are only available for Windows. Posted on Aug 9, 5: Aug 9, 6: To contact Apple directly: Page content loaded.

It isn't Apple's responsibility to develop software for specific fields. You will have to contact the developers of all those applications and ask for a Mac version.

Aug 9, 7: Please note as well that it is possible, and indeed quite practical, to run Windows software on your Mac, either via Boot Camp for native Windows use or one of the several virtualization solutions Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox. So you can have the best of both worlds, choosing the tools that best fit your needs. Aug 9, Consequently, the battery lasts less when Windows is running. Aug 10, 6: Anyway, as was said, it's up to the developer to decide if and when they will find it good business to port their applications to Mac OS X.

Apple can, and does, evangelize software developers, but the developers have to make the decision and do the work. I would suggest you contact the companies whose software you wish to run and express your interest in native Mac versions, and get all your colleagues to do the same.

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The developers will make the port only when they see that they will gain sales by doing so. Feb 16, You can try opensource software such as OpenSees, oofem or Impact. They do not come with the nice graphic interface but you can run your analysis with them. Nov 28, Dec 2, 7: Google for instance did not wait for the greatest companies such as Youtube to knock their door asking for partnership etc. Nope, Google went out and bought them.

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Are you suggesting that Apple go out and buy niche software developers? If so, that's unrealistic since that's not Apple's market nor business strategy. Apple is a consumer electronics company. Jan 12, 2: AutoCAD is not fully completed and all the other finite element software's that you mention are not working even on parallels.

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I already solve the introduction tutorials for ETABS and SAP, both on parallels for MAC and on a Windows desktop and the results from parallels where completely different from the video tutorial ones, in the other hand the results that came from the Windows desktop analysis where the same as the tutorial example, hence the corect ones. Maybe they think that playing with video and photo software's is more important.. Jan 12, 4: The "engineering" field is very broad and you cannot make any such claims about it in relation to the Mac because a couple of tools don't work properly on some other operating system.

Did you ever contact companies like Autodesk or CSI to try to get an answer from them or to be heard?

Best Structural Analysis Software for Mac | SkyCiv Cloud Structural Analysis Software

Engineering is so wide and it needs so many software's and for that moment is this planet are available only for Windows. Don't be a hater just accept it, is talking to you a guy that supports Apple more than anybody but in this field is so behind. So get some experience on the field, try to use some engineering software's on mac and windows, do some research, learn the pros and cons from personal experience and then come here and comment.

Do not tell us philosophies of who to contact or what claims to make and what claims not to make. Jan 12, 5: Kind of. I contact my vendors if I discover a problem that I can't work around and need or want a fix.

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If it is something I can't fix on my own, it is going to be pretty tough to track down. I always try to find the exact cause of the problem whenever possible. However, I can't recall ever contacting any vendor just "to be heard". They know they are providing a valuable product if I, and other engineers, keep buying it. Just because I find one particular problem doesn't mean the product isn't useful to me or other engineers.

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  • I think you are the one that needs to gain some experience. What did such "engineers" do before those tools existed? There are many different kinds of engineers.

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      Employ the API to build custom plugins or powerful spreadsheets to increase efficiency in your workflow. Overview The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago.

      Continue to SAP Features. Watch and Learn Videos. SAP - 01 Introductory Tutorial.

      sap2000 for mac download free Sap2000 for mac download free
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